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Published on December 29, 2013 by

Salamu alaikum,

We have begun a new blog. The blog was created to discuss matters which affect us muslims in Australia and around the world.

It will be a discussion of various matters, posting of articles and analysis of events from around the world.

A blog is a place where we can post our views and have a frank discussion about matters which concern us muslims. From Islamophobia to Rememberance of Allah, we will discuss these issues.

You can check out more about our blog right here ->

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EXCLUSIVE: Burmese Buddhists hang a Muslim because he is one

Published on December 22, 2013 by

Buddhists hang a Rohingya Muslim from tree just because he is a Muslim.

Exclusive video obtained in West Myanmar by Journalist Jenan Moussa
as she finds out what happened to the persecuted Muslims of Rohingya.

Graphic - …
YouTube –

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Green Birds of Paradise.

Published on September 20, 2013 by

Imagine if you were able to do this.

The Messenger of Allah(saaw) said regarding martyrs, : ‘ Their souls are in the insides of green birds having lanterns suspended from the Throne, roaming freely in Paradise where they please, then taking shelter in those lanterns. So their Lord cast a glance at them (1) and said: ‘Do you wish for anything?’ They said: ‘What shall we wish for when we roam freely in Paradise where we please?’ And thus did He do to them three times. When they say that they would not be spared from being asked [again], they said: ‘O Lord, we would like for You to put back our souls into our bodies so that we might fight for Your sake once again. And when He saw that they were not in need of anything they were let be.’”

-It was related by Muslim (also by at-Tirmidhi, an-Nasa’i and Ibn Majah).

Watch this.

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Dajjal- The Antichrist

Published on September 11, 2013 by

Salamu alaikum,

insha’Allah this Sunday we will be holding the lecture on Dajjal.

Date: Sept. 15(Sunday)

It will be after Asr prayer for the brothers, and 11:00 am for the sisters.

Please come, we will also be fundraising.

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Reverts’ Sessions

Published on September 5, 2013 by

Salamu alaikum

For those who have recently embraced Islam, We will be resuming our Reverts’ Sessions from this Sunday.

It will continue every week, and is catered mainly for reverts and those who are new to Islam.

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Published on September 1, 2013 by

Salamu alaikum,

A quick update on Sisters Only Activities at the premises.


Every Tuesday: 10 am – 12 pm : English classes(for non-speakers)

Every Wednesday: 10am-12noon : Qur’an Classes

Every Sunday: 11am-2pm : Children’s classes(taught by brothers)


To get recent updates of sisters’ only activities, please click on this link –

You can also keep up with our updated Calendar here –


Bookmark it.

Please share the word.


May Allah reward you for your efforts.

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Egypt – Becoming a Concentration Camp

Published on August 29, 2013 by

Egypt  turns into a massive concentration camp after a series of massacres

NOTE: Some of the videos are disturbing. Please view at your own discretion.

On the 3rd of July 2013, General Sisi, the Egyptian minister of defence, ousted Mr. Morsy the democratically elected president, dismantled the Shura (consulting) council and cancelled the new constitution.  Such measures were considered by many political groups as wasting the achievements of the Egyptian revolution, which resulted in removing the long ruling Dictator Hosney Mubarak.  Mr Morsy and many of his administration were detained in an unknown place. Many leaders of political parties were arrested including those of Horiya and Adala (freedom and justice), the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.  A new temporary president and government were appointed.  Most governors for the provinces were removed and replaced with army and police generals.

Demonstrations erupted in many places around Egypt and two massive sit-ins in Cairo around Rabia and Nahda square, key areas in Cairo, were arranged and attracted more than half a million protesters.

The security forces shot live bullets and killed many protesters around Egypt in Al-Mansoura, Alexandria, in front of the republican guards building (while protesters were praying) and the surroundings of Rabia square.

In an incident similar to the massacre of Tiananmen Square, on the 14th of August 2013, the two sit-ins were dispersed by an unjustified brutal crackdown by the security forces, the Egyptian army and thugs. According to some non-official estimates, about 3000 peaceful civilians including children, women and elders were shot dead and over 15000 were seriously injured by snipers from top of the close buildings, helicopters and armed vehicles.  As other estimates speak of far higher toll, the official estimate was only of 300 dead and a few hundred wounded. Bulldozers swept everything on their way in, ran over tents, and then securing forces burned them with people inside.

In a few moments, the field hospital had an overwhelming number of dead bodies beyond their capacity and a huge number of casualties, which doctors could not deal with.  Live bullets were shot to kill, in the head, the neck and the chest continued for hours.

The field hospital set up in Rabea Al-Adawia Masjid was broken in, and officers commanded doctors to immediately evacuate it. When doctors explained that there are a huge number of casualties and corpses, they were told that there is no time.  People ran outside, then the officers trough fire grenades and lit the masjid alight.  Wounded people who could not escape the fire and corpses were burned.  Security forces then arrested a huge number of protesters and treated them worse than prisoners of war.

Dead bodies were left in the streets for some time to instil fear in people’s hearts. According to witnesses, in a quick attempt to clear traces of the committed atrocities, bulldozers swept the dead bodies and the burned ones and threw them in the rubbish depot.

After knowing the extent of the horrible massacre, protests erupted everywhere around Egypt. In Ramsis square, a major protest was intercepted and two hundred people were killed.  Trying to run away from the continuous live bullets, around 2000 people, including injured and dead people, took asylum inside the Fath masjid, but they were surrounded by security forces and thugs.

During the siege, tear gas was fired many times, which caused the death of a sick lady. There was news in one private TV channel the mosque is burned, which lead to the belief that there are plans to burn it.  A news reporter contacted Al-Hiwar and Al-Jazeera TV channels thourgh ipad, made the security forces to change their plan to burn the masjid.  Eventually, Security forces broke inside the masjid and arrested most of the people.

The day after there were news that 38 arrested people were massacred while moving them to prison. The Arab contractors company’s office was burned and the official media claimed that Muslim Brotherhood committed it. When the managing director revealed the burning was committed by the official he was forced to resign.  Churches and many police stations were burned to stick the accusation to the Muslim brotherhood and to have enough allegations to finish them off.

On the 19th of August, 25 security soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula were killed and accusations were directed to a terrorist organisation.  A head of Arab tripe in Sinai announced that these soldiers were detained because they refuse to fire bullets on civilians.

Currently, the security forces breaks in the houses of those opposing the military coup demolish furniture, steal money, jewellery and arrest larders of Islamist movement and members of their families.

The people of Rabia and Nahda spent the hot days of Ramadan fasting, its nights praying and reading Quran.  Even if they disagree with General Sisi, do they deserve to be eradicated in such an atrocious manner? As history repeats itself the best example to describe the current events can be derived from the Quran from the chapter 85 (Al-Brouj):

???? ??????? ??????? (?)

Cursed are the People of the Trench (4) of the fire which was rich with fuel, (5) When they were sitting by it, (6) And were watching what they were doing to the believers. (7) They avenged them for nothing but that they believed in Allah, the All-Mighty, the Worthy of All Praise, (8) The One to Whom belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth. And Allah is witness over everything. (9)


Al-Sisi is nothing but another dictator, like Bashar of Syria who has his hands deeply soaked in the blood of his people.  In an atrocious massacre Bashar killed around 1600 civilians with chemical gases.

For those who are deceived by the Egyptian official media, it is your role to investigate because if you like what Al-Sisi is doing, you will come with him at the Day of Judgment in the same in the same faction.

?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ????

No man loves certain people except that he comes with them.

Our hearts are with family of victims and we ask Allah to accept them among the martyrs.

Injustice does not last for long and truth will prevail.

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IDCSA – Official Media Response

Published on August 24, 2013 by

Peace be upon you,


This is our official media response to current issues raised by Australian media.


Peace be upon you

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

The Islamic Da’wah Centre of South Australia (IDCSA) would like to clarify its situation regarding a video that was posted on YouTube and contained a heavily edited material by MEMRI TV channel on a sermon delivered by Sheikh Sharif Hussein which caught the attention of some Australian media outlets.

Firstly, IDCSA does not necessarily hold the same views/positions of the video contents as published in its YouTube channel. However, we believe that the Sheikh’s words were clearly taken out of context and put together in a suggestive manner (as you can see the disjointed video clips). At this point, IDCSA management would like to stress that Sheikh Sharif delivers Friday sermons on its premises based on our invitation as a qualified Imam, but he has no role in its administration.

The 2.5 minutes video was assembled out of a sermon, which was delivered on 22/03/13 and takes around 35 minutes. The sheikh presented in his speech some of the war crimes directed against Muslims around the world, something that was completely ignored in the video. While addressing the mass rape cases in Iraq, the Sheikh was emotional and used strong words in addressing those who committed these crimes.  The Sheikh directed his feeling to Allah (The Almighty GOD) to avenge those who committed atrocious war crimes of mass killing, rape and burning Muslims alive.   The typical cut and paste video overlooked the presentation of the horrible human rights violations against Muslims, and the sermon’s very motive in developing awareness to seek justice. Instead the edited footage concentrated on the complaint directed to Allah (The Almighty GOD) concerning these crimes. Apparently some media organisations are trying to present this video as hate speech while ignoring the fact that denouncing a criminal act is a social right which falls under the general category of ‘freedom of speech’.

Many non-Muslim Australians called for having John Howard tried as a war criminal  for supporting an illegal unjustified Iraq invasion,  mass casualties which resulted thereof, the use of rape by American soldiers and  the horrible birth defects due to use of depleted uranium shells. (Iraq’s Deadly Legacy – video)

The video clips of the Sheikh were suggestively taken out of context, however no part of that clip contain any call towards violence and/or friction between the non-Muslims and Muslims or multicultural communities in Australia. The lectures were delivered in relation to the Burmese Buddhist massacre of the Rohingya minority Muslims, as reported by BBC, Al Jazeera and many more. Needless to say, we should also mention the massacre of Muslims by Hindu extremists in India.

In conclusion we would like to bring into question the reliability, independence and veracity of a media organisation like MEMRI TV, which has served as a mouthpiece for islamophobes and individuals/organisations with questionable motives, publishing suggestive sensational de-contextualized cut-and-paste video clips showing the false allegations of hatred against non-Muslims.

IDCSA is clear in its objective to promote discussion about Islam and strive to remove any widely spread misconceptions as those circulated by MEMRI TV. We attempt to provide a source of authentic Islamic knowledge for both Muslims and non-Muslims and do not adopt any violent or hatred stances against any community, race or the Australian people in general. We are aware that certain level of animosity might result from such sensational media presentation, but hope with our response, to remove any concerns people might have.



A special note of appreciation to all the sources we cited in our article, without which we could not have made this response.

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Media Release – COMING SOON

Published on August 22, 2013 by

Salamu alaikum(Peace be upon you),

IDCSA is completing a Media Release, and will be publishing it really soon.

We ask all parties to be patient with us, and not jump the gun(meaning) before we have officially released any statement.

Please send your queries here to our Email –

Our OFFICIAL YouTube Channel –


Meanwhile, if you would like to subscribe to receive our posts as we publish it, details are found at the bottom of this page.

“Be sure We will test you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and fruits; but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere.” [2:155]
“Who, when a misfortune overtakes them, say ‘Surely, to Allah we belong and to Him shall we return.’ ” [2:156]

JazakAllah Khyr(May Allah reward you)


UPDATE (Fri., August 23)

We apologise in the delay of publishing our Media Release. We would like to make the answer comprehensive to dispel the fears of the general folk on this sensationalised story.

We are extremely appreciative that you have been patient with us, and would ask all media organisations not to “jump the gun” until we have issued our Media Release.

We also do not condone or support any form of violence or hatred against any group of people whether in Australia or abroad.
We would like to be clear, that we condemn any form of sensational fearmongering which is passed off as journalism in the Mainstream media.

We will report recent articles by certain newspapers to the Australia Media Watch, and call on the Australian Government for greater powers of accountability given to media watchdogs to improve standards of journalism in Australia.

We have not officially published our media release yet. Please subscribe to receive it as soon as we have posted it.

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Who We Are

Published on August 21, 2013 by

Salamu alaikum(Peace be upon you),

If you would like to find out who we are and what are our aims, please follow this link - Click Here

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